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Here is a list of useful sites that I plunder for information and also some sites which I simply think are good. If you have a suggestion to add to this or want to me to link your site then send me a message and I will try and update it.

Ole – Buenos Aires based sports newspaper

Cancha Llena – Online rival to Ole and so for balance they are both here

El Grafico – Argentinian football monthly

Other good blogs about football in Argentina/Latin America

Golazo Mexicano – Think this blog but Mexican and you get the idea.

Paraguay Football – detailed blog on all things from Paraguay

Hasta El Gol Siempre – Buenos Aires based blog with lots of information

Hand of Pod – From the guys that run Hasta el Gol Siempre, this is a regular podcast discussing Argentinian football…well worth a listen

In Bed With Maradona – Excellent blog featuring articles from around the world. If you like reading about football then check this out.

World Football Weekly – Wonderful football blog on virtually every league in the world

Golazo Goal – Website dedicated to the best goals from around the world

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