#GOLAZO50 2021

The lack of football played during 2021 meant that for the first time since 2016 there was no Golazo 50. The return of action in Argentina and around the world has seen plenty of young players get minutes and so once again we took on the task of compiling our standouts. 

To be eligible for the list, the players simply need to be born on or after January 1st 1998 (they would all have been eligible to play at the Olympics in 2021).

There is clearly huge room for debate. The player’s ability and potential is taken into account BUT that is also balanced with what the player may have achieved in senior football, whether they have represented Argentina at some level or made the successful transition to another league. The idea of compiling the list every year is to see that progression from perhaps a talented 17-year-old with little first team experience to hopefully an Argentina regular by the age of 23. In other words, there are plenty of players who missed out on the 50 due to perhaps lacking experience but who have a far higher ceiling than some of those players at the top end of the age range.

From an initial list of well over 100, Peter and Tom whittled it down and this is the Golazo 50 2021….