If you want to add to Golazo Argentino please feel free to get in touch with the editor either via email at editor@golazoargentino.com or use the contact us form.

Whether it is an article on a match you have just watched, a player who has caught your eye or an interesting historical piece feel free to submit your article. The only stipulation is that the subject is football Argentino (obviously).

Unfortunately the site doesn’t make any money so you won’t be paid for any contributions but if you want to get involved free free to drop us a line. No experience is required but I can’t absolutely guarantee a submission will be published. However, provided it is on a relevant subject and doesn’t require a complete editorial overhaul, the chances are it will be used.

If that sounds good, then fire us over an idea or an article.


4 responses to “WRITE FOR US

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  3. I like ⚽️ But, now I have a good reason!! to watch the Inter Miami! I’m so Happy for Matias Pellegrini y Julian Carranza,🇦🇷 I’m an argentina and I’m your new fan!🇦🇷

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