Riquelme finally settles on a club…and its Boca again


The epic transfer saga surrounding Juan Roman Riquelme has finally been settled and it’s a case of back where we started. After watching Boca lose to River in the final summer super clasico Riquelme decided that he wanted to return to Boca despite his differences with the clubs hierarchy. His call to coach Bianchi was welcomed and although Bianchi was not going to force the board it is thought he was equally keen to add Riquelme to the squad.

Over a barbeque at Boca HQ several members of the board and Riquelme met to discuss the terms of his return and eventually it was decided he would return on the same contract that he had before he played his last game in July 2012.

So, Boca fans are happy to have their hero back but some questions remain. The squad is said to be split on Riquelme’s return, after he said some less than complimentary remarks about the team after the super clasico’s. There is also big question of his fitness – Riquelme has not played for Boca since defeat to Sao Paolo in the Copa Libertadores final in July. He has been in “retirement” without a club and therefore we can assume not training at all. For a player, who at the best of times does not like training too much it may be safe to assume that he will not have been keeping an intense personal fitness regime. How long it will take Riquelme to get up to speed, we will see.

Lastly, if Riquelme wanted to return to Boca so much then why did he enter into talks first with Corinthians and then quite extensively with Tigre? Needless to say Tigre are not too happy about this turn of events. Ole quoted a rather angry club official earlier this week saying something along these lines.

Either way, Riquelme is back under the leadership of Bianchi in the hope of bringing the Copa Libertadores back to La Bombonera for a record equaling 7 times.

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