San Lorenzo goalkeeper Pablo Migliore arrested


Following last night’s game with Newell’s Old Boys, San Lorenzo goalkeeper, Pablo Migliore was taken into custody under suspicion of concealing information and hiding Boca fugitive, Maximilian Mazzaro. The case dates back to 2011 and the murder of Ernesto Cirini for which La Doce leader, Mauro Martin was also arrested and is awaiting trial. However for several months, Martin’s second in command, Mazzaro has been wanted by the police but has so far escaped capture. The police believe that goalkeeper, Migliore has been harbouring Mazzaro and been in regular communication throughout this period. Migliore’s link to Boca has been well publicised and he is said to have visited former Barra Brava leader, Rafa di Zeo on a number of occasions when he was in jail. For the time being he is being held by police but his lawyer has stated that he will refure to testify and ask to be released.

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