Trezeguet unveiled in Rosario as life goes on


David Trezeguet was today presented as a Newell’s Old Boys player in the aftermath of Ignacio Scocco’s move to Internacional. After one of the most successful season’s Trezeguet steps into some big shoes and expectations will be high if Newell’s are to maintain the high standards that they have set for themselves.

After his knee surgery earlier in the year, River Plate quickly informed the World Cup winning striker that he would not be in the squad for the forthcoming Torneo Inicial and so for the past few weeks Trezeguet has been entertaining several offers from a host of clubs in Argentina. Newell’s Old Boys have been delayed in the transfer market as a result of their season being elongated due to the Copa Libertadores, but with leading scorer, Nacho Scocco signing for Brasilian club, Internacional, they have moved quickly to acquire a fresh source of goals.

Trezeguet has been quick to make a distinction between himself and Scocco, stating that “Nacho had other features to mine.” He added: “What he did for Newell’s will always be remembered, and with other features I hope to do the same.”

That is certainly true. Trezeguet will not cover as much ground as Scocco, running into the channels and he certainly will not score all the types of goals that Scocco plundered in his short spell back at Newell’s. However, Trezeguet offers a focal point of their attacks and a target for their wide men to look for. This does also present a good opportunity for youngster, Maxi Urruti who will look to function perhaps more in the mold of Scocco, or perhaps as provider and link up with the veteran centre forward.

Scocco’s 30 goals in 44 games in his second spell at the club has been very impressive and will undoubtedly be missed. If Newell’s are to achieve any where near the level of success someone is going to need to step into the spotlight.

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