Nelson Vivas leaves Quilmes after fan attack


Following the incident after Friday’s match at home to Atletico Rafaela, Nelson Vivas has left his post as manager of Quilmes. It is not clear whether Vivas resigned or was fired but either way, President, Aníbal Fernández has called time on his hot headed coach.

The incident in question took place on Friday evening following a disappointing home draw against Atletico Rafaela. As a fan approached Vivas after the game, he punched him before being dragged away by police. Results have not been good but this certainly the nail in the coffin for Vivas.

In an attempt to defend his actions, Vivas told reporters, “I’m not a violent person, but I understand that is not the image that a coach should give.”

However, by means of an explanation, he added, “This person bothered me for 90 minutes and said terrible things to me. He then asked me to wait. I went to see what he wanted and he tried to attack me. The images you see is of a person defending himself.”

The video footage is a little unclear but the claim of self-defence is certainly not verified.

Marcelo Pontiroli has taken over on an interim basis as the search for a replacement begins. One name being suggested strongly is Blas Giunta, currently with Nacional B side, Almirante Brown.

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