Reaction: Wilmots bitter, Sabella wants more and Di María out


This could be the end of Di María’s World Cup

Following Argentina’s Quarter Final victory over Belgium, Marc Wilmots labelled the victors “ordinary”, a view echoed by defender Daniel van Buyten. Alejandro Sabella will obviously not care in the least and is now looking ahead but he may have to do so without influential midfielder, Ángel Di María, whose agent appears to have revealed that his client will now miss the rest of the tournament.

Belgium Coach, Marc Wilmots was less than complimentary in the aftermath of his sides Quarter Final defeat to Argentina.

“We were not impressed by the Argentinians, they were just an ordinary team. They can distort the rhythm, they take 30 seconds to take a throw-in and the referee doesn’t do anything.”
“They had the goal, and Messi was one-on-one with (Thibaut) Courtois at the end but how many shots have they had? If I played that way I would have been destroyed by the Belgium press.”
“They didn’t give us any space, this was a World Cup quarter-final and their extra experience probably counted for something.”
Wilmots went on to point the finger at the officials for favouring Argentina, “I don’t want to be a cry baby, but every time there is a little foul it was always in favour of Argentina. Every time something happens with Messi the referee gives him a free-kick. I notice he made three fouls and no yellow card, we made one foul and one yellow card.”

Daniel van Buyten was also rather bitter following defeat:

“This is bitter for Belgium. We lacked experience. This is a big tournament and experience is very helpful in these occasions. Of course Argentina have superb players, but I think a team like Germany would easily beat them.”

However, understandably Alejandro Sabella was in a more positive frame of mind and praised his players for their best performance so far.

“After 24 years, this is a good tribute to this squad – they will go down in history as one of the best four teams in the world and we will see if they can go one step more.”

Speaking about captain, Lionel Messi, Sabella was again keen to praise the number 10 despite him not being able to close the gap on Colombia’s James Rodríguez for the Golden Boot.

“I felt he played a wonderful match. it’s not only scoring goals, it’s having possession, taking out three opponents and every move he makes is a sign of hope for us and endangers our opponents. That a player like Messi almost never loses the ball is water in the desert – he gives us that water in the desert. Today when the terrain was dry he gave us that breath of fresh air every time he had the ball.”

The worry now for Argentina is the injury to Ángel Di María and Sabella confirmed that the Real Madrid will undergo tests tomorrow.

“Angel has a problem in his right thigh and tomorrow he will have some tests and we will see, he is one of the key figures for us.”

However, Di María’s agent, Eugenio Lopez appears to have told reporters that it is a torn thigh muscle and Di María will not feature again.


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