Trezeguet in the cold as Cavanaghi doesn’t want him back at River


Fernando Cavanaghi and David Trezeguet training with River

World Cup winner, David Trezeguet has told Radio La Red that he will not be returning to River Plate, after last season’s loan spell with Newell’s Old Boys as River captain and centre forward, Fernando Cavanaghi has told officials he does not want the French star back at the club.

Trezeguet explained, “I was told that Cavanaghi does not want me to return to River. I met with Enzo Francescoli (Director) and Matthias Patanian (Vice-President) on June 10th. On the 11th I met with Marcelo Gallardo (Manager) to see my situation, not only in the football. Everything seemed logical and normal. He told me there was a chance to come back.”

“However I was told about this problem that Cavanaghi has.I think it is abnormal that River has accepted this. It is the first time it has happened in my career.”

This would indeed appear very strange if Trezeguet’s career is to end this way, given that Trezeguet is friends with new manager, Marcelo Gallardo from their time playing together in France.

Trezeguet has since attempted to contact Cavanaghi. “I called him by phone but he never answered. My idea was to return to River but for various reasons that can’t be given, I now must consider what to do.”

Certainly Trezeguet’s River career seems to at an end but it remains to be seen if he will play for another club. His loan spell with Newell’s was relatively successful and he proved to be a goal threat from the bench so there may well be interested parties in the veteran striker.

Whether Trezeguet will want to move again is another matter. Although born in France, Trezeguet grew up in Buenos Aires and is a River fan and it was thought that he would end his career in El Monumental. That might be the case but these are not the circumstances that any footballer would want to hang up their boots.


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