Independiente’s deal for Colombia captain, Yepes is off


Independiente had hoped to complete a deal for 38-year-old, Colombia captain, Mario Yepes today but have been left disappointed by the news that the veteran defender has decided against the move to Argentina.

It was understood on Sunday that Yepes had given verbal confirmation to Pablo Moyano, the son of new Independiente President, Hugo Moyano. However, the longer time went on doubts crept in based on rumours of Yepes’ wife not wanting to move to Argentina.

Independiente had made a firm offer to Yepes but Coach Jorge Almirón must now look elsewhere for the central defender that he requires.

A deal for Yepes always seemed a little unlikely given that even at 38, he had just captained Colombia to a World Cup Quarter Final and had offers to remain in Europe. Regardless of this the news will come as a blow to El Rojo.

Olé journalist, Juan Carlos Pamo confirmed the news earlier, “Mario said he will go to either the MLS or Italy. The offer from Independiente has been dismissed.”

Yepes’ concern over the move to Independiente is reportedly due to his family preferring not to move to Argentina and now other transfer targets must be pursued.

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