Di Maria discusses return to Rosario with Mascherano and Lavezzi


Angel Di Maria might have just completed his big money move to Manchester United in the summer but it hasn’t stopped the Argentina star thinking about his future. Argentine sports newspaper, Cancha Llena quotes Di Maria on his desire to return to boyhood club, Rosario Central and the possibility of bringing Javier Mascherano and Ezequiel Lavezzi with him.

Di Maria told Cancha Llena: “Central will always be first in my head. I talked with Pocho [Lavezzi] and Masche [Mascherano] to get back together there.

“I always remember Central, they will always be present in my mind. It is the first and then all the clubs are afterwards.”

There is no reason for Manchester United fans to worry. Having just signed a long term deal as part of his British record £59.7 million transfer from Real Madrid, El Fideo should be gracing the Premier League for a number of years yet. However, he is not the first player to indicate that he wants to return to Argentina towards the end of his career.

Di Maria is a native Rosarino and began his career with local side, Rosario Central before moving to Benfica in 2007. A move back to Central would be an obvious way to end one’s career, but in the case of Javier Mascherano and Ezequiel Lavezzi, there might be a few upset fans in Argentina if that happened.

Mascherano is a River Plate idol and a move back to Argentina but to Rosario instead of El Monumental would not be too popular. San Lorenzo supporters may feel the same way about Lavezzi.

This is obviously some way off but it could be an exciting time in the Primera. Sergio Agüero has already stated that a return to Independiente is at the top of his wishes before retirement as has Carlos Tevez with Boca, and everyone would love the idea of Messi returning to Argentina to play for Newell’s.

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