Boca president fuels talk of early Tevez exit from Juve


Carlos Tevez recently confirmed that his contract with Juventus would be his last and that when it expires at the end of the 2015/16 season he would return to Argentina and his beloved, Boca Juniors. However, Boca president, Daniel Angelici has now stated that there is a possibility that there is a possibility that this could happen this year.

It was only a month ago that this story reared its head for the umpteenth time after Tevez told reporters in Italy:

“I’ve already said it many times. For me, this discussion is closed. When I signed for three years with Juve, I said from the start, also to the club, that this would be my last contract before returning to Boca. But nobody said anything.

“Then, I said the same things again, including the fact I would return home at the end of my contract.”

Now while this was hardly news and is certainly not binding, Daniel Angelici has now stated: “It would not surprise me if Tevez finished his contract with Juventus at the end of the season and returned in June of this year (2015).”

The source of this appears to be Argentine journalist, Tití Fernández, who has claimed that Tevez will terminate his contract early to return to Boca but given his importance to Juventus it would be a sensational move.

Tevez has also said that he wants to win everything with Juve before leaving and although another Scudetto title looks likely this season, the dream of winning the Champions League still appears some way off. At 31, Juve would remain hopeful of keeping their leading scorer in Turin for a while longer.

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