Monday: Crowd trouble halts Arsenal’s match with Aldosivi


Arsenal de Sarandí’s dreadful start to 2015 was dealt another blow last night as their match against Aldosivi was postponed after clashes with the police and rival factions of the barra brava. Arsenal were already trailing by a goal to nil after Diego Lagos’ 23rd minute strike when the serious incidents between the barras started both outside and inside the stadium.

After thirty minutes, referee Ariel Penel stopped the match and when the chief of Police said that they could no longer guarantee the safety of the players and officials the match was abandoned.

Video footage outside the game shows a group of “supporters” smashing a police car and there are reports of gun shots heard. The police were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets and the district chief, Diego Sambiese was injured. The head of the barra brava was also arrested but it remains to be seen what will be done after this latest episode of football violence.

The away support ban has certainly not helped the situation and if the police cannot control an Arsenal home match on a Monday evening then there is an even greater failure. One of the smallest supported sides should not prove to be such a difficult event to police.

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