San Lorenzo set to name Pablo Guede as the successor to Edgardo Bauza


Edgardo Bauza has left some pretty big shoes to fill after the manager that delivered San Lorenzo their first and only Copa Libertadores decided his time was up. 2016 brings with it a new tilt at the continent’s biggest prize and Los Cuervos have been searching for the man that can continue Bauza’s work – that man appears to be Pablo Guede. Talks have been ongoing but a deal has been agreed and only the signature is missing given that he is still with Chilean club, Palestino.

Guede’s representative, Alejandro Cauterucci has been in discussion with San Lorenzo director, Bernardo Romeo and told reporters afterwards: “Negotiations have ended, economic issues were arranged and the only thing lacking is when Paul will sign the contract.”

The deal is reportedly an 18-month contract which would see Guede take control of the next 30-team season and half of the year long season that follows. At this point, San Lorenzo president Matías Lammens would have ample opportunity to see how the side is progressing.

The 41-year-old has impressed in Chile, guiding relatively small club Palestino to the Copa Libertadores after 36 years. A demonstrative, almost aggressive figure on the touchline, like Chilean national team boss, Jorge Sampaoli, Guede should provide plenty to talk about in the Argentine Primera.

Having previously managed only Spanish minnows, Club Deportivo El Palo, Nueva Chicago and Palestino, this represents quite the step up for Guede but is another encouraging appointment from a Primera side. The years of appointing old, familiar coaches appears to be drawing to an end and younger, fresher coaches are replacing them. Guede will have an incredible platform but cannot allow himself too long to settle in.

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