Rubber bullets & police cars ablaze: Violence in the Primera B halts the action


The national team being in action may have reduced the amount of Primera División matches this weekend but in the lower leagues, the darker side of Argentine football once again reared its head. Incidents outside the ground between members of the barra brava of Primera B side, Talleres de Remedios de Escalada and the police led to the game being suspended after 25 minutes and in the Torneo Federal A, Cipolleti players were struck by objects thrown by the Deportivo Roca crowd.

The Primera B clash between Talleres de Remedios de Escalada and Defensores de Belgrano had barely started when the sound of gun fire could be heard from outside the ground. The referee promptly stopped the match and it became clear that the police were attempting to control several members of the barra brava, who had tried to enter the stadium without tickets, with rubber bullets. As this continued and rocks were thrown, a police van was set on fire and finally as the black smoke rose above the stands, the officials decided to get the players off the pitch.

As if this wasn’t enough, two players were left needing medical attention at the end of the clásico in the Torneo Federal A between Deportivo Roca and Club Cipolletti. Jesús Vera and Gustavo Del Prete were both struck on the head with objects thrown by the home crowd at full time.

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