Maradona vows to clean up Argentine football and the AFA


As if the Argentine Football Association wasn’t enough of a circus already, Diego Maradona claims to have been appointed by FIFA president Gianni Infantino to oversee the AFA through this tumultuous time in its history.

The outspoken Argentine icon previously branded Infantino a traitor in the build up to the Swiss Italian’s presidential victory, claiming he must have known what Sepp Blatter and the other corrupt members of the organisation were doing but after a meeting on Friday Maradona has swiftly changed his tune.

The legendary number ten said, “This man [Gianni Infantino], who is sick of thieves in soccer like Julio Grondona, has asked me to be the Superliga overseer.”

The subject of the SuperLiga is perhaps the most divisive in the AFA at present after promoting several high profile resignations in the build up to the presidential election.

Speaking with Radio La Red, Maradona explained, “I have spoken to Rodolfo D’onofrio and Claudio Tapia but anyone can call me because I’m not going to eat them or go and make a scandal in the AFA.”

“I want Argentine football as strong as it ever was and that there is transparency.”

Between those figures at the AFA currently vying for power, Maradona assured them that he would be a completely impartial figure, saying, “I will defend the people and the ball, which gave me food for so many years. I’m not going to attach myself to anyone.” 

I will not be a FIFA spy, I will be an assistant to Infantino because we want to save football, which was beaten and robbed by people we do not have to name but we all know are [Sepp] Blatter and [Julío] Grondona,” claimed the 55-year-old.

One person who it seems Maradona will never see eye to eye with is Argentine president Mauricio Macri and the former national team coach had some words of advice for the nation’s leader.

“He should worry about the country and giving food to the people and let us deal with football.”

Maradona added, “Football has nothing to do with politics. It is commanded by FIFA, and thank God, today that is by a president who understands us, called Gianni Infantino. Macri is useless.”

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