Violence & a gun in the stands delays a ‘friendly’ clásico Rosarino


Sunday afternoon’s clásico between Newell’s Old Boys and Rosario Central was marred by violent clashes between factions of the Newell’s barra brava inside the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa that caused delays to the friendly fixture.

The clásico Rosarino has been one of the more explosive derbies in Argentine football in recent times and perhaps given the instability within Newell’s Old Boys’ barra brava organising such a fixture during preseason was not the best idea.

750 police were on hand but they could do little when fighting broke out between two rival factions and caused referee Silvio Trucco to twice halt the game leading to a 35-minute delay.

Worryingly footage appeared to show at least one member of the barra brava brandishing a firearm in the stadium but thankfully there was no further incident.

Disputes in recent weeks have led to the murders of four barra brava members and it is understood that these deaths are closely tied to the drug trade in Rosario.

Fed up with the violence, supporters in the stadium sang against the barra brava but it is another troubling moment in Argentine football.

There was little on the pitch to cheer as both sides fielded largely reserve sides and it ended goalless. They will meet again next Sunday in the Gigante de Arroyito in front of only the Rosario Central supporters.

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