Is Racing’s Marcos Acuña ready to fill Di María’s boots for Argentina?


Argentina’s abject displays in the previous two World Cup qualifiers resulted in a fortunate draw with Peru, a humiliating defeat on home soil to Paraguay and several of the senior members of Edgardo Bauza’s squad coming under intense scrutiny. With many questioning how much longer La Albiceleste can persist with the same under-performing big stars, there was one less familiar name among the latest 26-man squad for the forthcoming matches with Brazil and Colombia.

Marcos Acuña may not be too well known among supporters outside Argentina, or those who haven’t been watching much of Racing Club this season, but the 24-year-old has been in scintillating form and despite his less glamorous route to the top could provide a genuine alternative to the left side of midfield.

The blue half of Avellaneda has been calling for the national team to take a closer look at El Huevo for quite some time now but the combination of being perhaps the standout performer in the Primera and growing disillusionment with Ángel Di María’s frustrating performances have finally opened the door.

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