Newell’s Old Boys vice-president unharmed as car is shot 20 times


Matters on the pitch might be much improved for Newell’s Old Boys this season but it would seem the threat of violence is never far away and on Wednesday evening club vice-president Cristian D’Amico was shot at while driving with his son in Rosario. Remarkably neither were harmed but reports detail that the truck D’Amico was driving was hit by twenty bullets.

According to reports, D’Amico’s vehicle was intercepted by a Renault Clio at an intersection in the west of Rosario and three assailants opened fire.

Unharmed, D’Amico was able to drive to the nearest police station to report the incident and while officially it is not yet linked to anyone in particular, certain local news outlets are linking the shooting to the ongoing dispute between the barra bravas and the club.

The ongoing power struggle with the Newell’s barra, which has already claimed several lives, and with its close ties to the city’s drug trade, doesn’t look like it is ending anytime soon.


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