Chivas want César Luis Menotti as Sporting Director as El Flaco visits for Boca Juniors friendly


World Cup winning manager César Luis Menotti will be in México on Thursday for Chivas’ friendly against Boca Juniors as a guest of José Luis Higuera, the CEO of the Omnilife group that owns the Guadalajara giants, and if reports are correct Los Rojiblancos hope to persuade El Flaco to take over as Sporting Director.

Chivas are currently managed by fellow Argentine Matías Almeyda but have been without a Sporting Director since Jaime Ordiales left the role in June.

Besides lifting the 1978 World Cup with Argentina, Menotti also managed the Mexican national team in the early 1990s and his last coaching roles were with Puebla and Tecos respectively.

Charismatic and effortlessly cool, Menotti’s World Cup triumph may not have converted to overwhelming success at club level but his philosophy left an indelible mark.

El Flaco’s attractive and attacking brand of football is still placed on a pedestal in Argentina and the subject of fierce debate between the artistry of his football and the win at all costs approach of Carlos Bilardo.

Health problems, perhaps as a result of his heavy smoking habit, all but ended his managerial career but Chivas are hoping to benefit from his undoubted expertise and refreshing outlook on the game.

Menotti’s commentary alone on Chivas’ friendly with Boca Juniors will be worth listening to but the possibility of El Flaco assisting one of Argentina’s promising young managers, Matías Almeyda is exciting.


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