Belgrano supporter dead after being thrown from stand during clásico


Emanuel Balbo, the Belgrano supporter who was thrown from the stand during Saturday’s clásico draw with Talleres, has been announced dead after failing to recover from the severe head trauma suffered.

The 22-year-old was rushed to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest and head injuries but remained in a coma with hospital director Maximiliano Tittarelli admitting on Sunday, “there are few signs of cerebral life but that is not brain death and we will carry out further studies to see if there is a slight response.”

However, after carrying out these tests in the hope that Balbo may show signs of life, it has been announced that there was nothing more that the medical team could do and he has died in hospital.

Four men have been arrested in relation to the incident but the alleged instigator of the attack, Oscar Gómez is still free.


Gómez was reportedly involved in the death of Balbo’s brother four years ago during a street race and when Balbo confronted Gómez at Saturday’s clasico, the latter accused Balbo of being a Talleres fan, sparking the violent scenes.

Footage of the incident shows Balbo attempting to flee as a number of supporters punch and chase the 22-year-old before eventually in his effort to escape, he is pushed from above one of the exits down onto the concrete stairs several metres below.

The four detained men could now face attempted murder charges as police continue to hunt for Oscar Gómez and appeal for further witnesses from the stadium.

Belgrano have sent their condolences to Balbo’s family on what is a tragic day for the club and Argentine football.


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