Naples pays tribute to Diego Maradona to cap off a typically wild week

Maradona receives honorary citizenship of Naples

A week on the road for Diego Maradona has seen the Argentinean taunting journalists, ice-skating and praising Vladimir Putin

Where Diego Maradona goes, headlines follow and this past week has certainly been no different as the media circus followed the iconic Argentinian to Naples, where he was made an honorary citizen, to the usual backdrop of scandal and farce.

Thirty-three years ago almost to the day, the intense love affair between Diego Maradona and the city of Naples began; supporters packed the Stadio San Paolo in 1984 to catch a glimpse of their historic new signing and on Wednesday, el D10S was back in perhaps the only place that loves him more than Argentina.

The honour presented by the Mayor of Naples would perhaps normally be a reserved, formal affair but this is no ordinary recipient and when bands warmed up the crowd, they were met with boos as the impatient supporters wanted just one thing.

Maradona eventually took to the stage and accepted the award saying, “I’ve been a citizen since I arrived in Naples. No one welcomed me like the Neapolitans, and I thank those who didn’t want me to become a citizen, as it proves that we can do anything in a democracy.”

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