Racing’s Copa Argentina clash postponed after barra gun fight


Racing Club were supposed to be in Copa Argentina action against Nacional B side Mitre on Wednesday evening but a violent clash between rivals factions of La Academia’s barra brava on Monday has led The Buenos Aires Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport to postpone the fixture for security reasons.

The internal issues within Racing’s barra brava have been simmering for sometime with a number of arrests at matches in the last few months but Monday’s escalation left little option ahead of the cup match in Quilmes on Wednesday.

One of the factions of the barra, La Guardia Imperial, had met at their usual spot at Club Alvear in Buenos Aires to organise themselves ahead of Wednesday’s game, as a seniors’ match between All Boys and Comunicaciones took place.

However, when a rival faction with ties to a previous group usurped by La Guardia Imperial arrived, a violent confrontation broke out in which fifteen shots were fired and two were left injured.

“We had finished playing and when we went back to the changing room we heard the shots,” Marcelo Blanco, a member of the All Boys senior side told reporters.

“They told us to stay in the club, that there was a showdown.”

With the fear of reprisals in Quilmes on Wednesday, the authorities took the decision to postpone the tie and look to reschedule for August 18th after the league season was pushed back a week.

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