Gonzalo Higuaín & Juventus still out of shape ahead of Serie A start

Juventus FC v AC ChievoVerona - Serie A

Although there were renewed accusations that Gonzalo Higuain had returned from the summer break looking ‘sluggish’, the same could be said for his team

For a team that has won six consecutive Serie A titles, there is a distinct sense of vulnerability about Juventus and if high-profile players leaving, a frustrating transfer window and a Supercoppa defeat to Lazio weren’t enough, a $100 million centre-forward, whose physical shape has drawn comparisons to an ‘aircraft carrier’, will certainly do the trick.

It isn’t the first time that Gonzalo Higuain’s fitness has been called into question and the prolific Serie A striker often appears to come back from his summer vacation with the shirt looking a little tighter around the midsection. This summer of course, the 29-year-old hasn’t been on duty with Argentina and so since Juve’s Champions League final defeat and an international friendly just after, Higuain has been free to indulge himself.

It isn’t uncommon for a player to return in preseason a little overweight and in defeat, Higuain is something of an easy target, after all, the Argentinian received the same treatment last summer and still scored 24 league goals over the course of the season as Juve picked up another title.

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