Temperley pile pressure on Arsenal, Talleres edge Chacarita & Huracán held by Unión (VIDEO)


There is a long way to go yet but after narrowly escaping relegation last season, Arsenal have made a worrying start to the Superliga and Saturday’s home defeat to direct rivals Temperley could be hugely significant.

An even enough start in Sarandí saw both sides create openings but it was Ramiro Costa who drilled Temperley in front shortly before half time.

Arsenal pushed for an equaliser but couldn’t find a way past Josué Ayala before Leonardo Rolón was stupidly sent off five minutes from time. With one goal scored and four straight defeats Humberto Grondona’s task of keeping Arsenal in the top flight looks increasingly tough.

Chacarita Juniors tasted defeat for the first time since their promotion as Talleres secured a narrow 1-0 win in Villa Maipú. Lucas Olaza’s superbly struck free kick gave the visitors the lead in the 56th minute but when Leonardo Godoy was sent off shortly after, Chacarita spied an opportunity.

Unable to find an equaliser, the home side ended the game with nine as both Alejandro Gagliardi and Joaquín Ibáñez were both given their marching orders late on.

And a little earlier in Parque Patricios, two of the Superliga’s in-form sides, Huracán and Unión met but couldn’t be separated.

Both had chances but neither could make it count, ending goalless with both sides still in the top six.

Arsenal  0 – 1  Temperley

Huracán  0 – 0  Unión

Chacarita Juniors  0 – 1  Talleres

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