A new dream begins for Javier Mascherano after Barca bow-out

Javier Mascherano says that he has woken up from a dream at Barcelona but the Argentinean needs to deliver in China to make the World Cup train

Seven-and-a-half-years at the club, 334 appearances and 18 major titles – Javier Mascherano calls time on his glittering Barcelona career but rather than a move to another European club or return to River Plate, the 33-year-old is all set to become the latest high-profile star to grace the Chinese Super League.

While those details are yet to be confirmed, Barcelona formally bid farewell to an emotional Mascherano at a media event on Wednesday before the Argentinean says goodbye to supporters at Thursday’s Copa del Rey second leg against Espanyol.

Masche is expected to sign for Chinese Super League club Hebei China Fortune, who are managed by Manuel Pellegrini, a coach that the midfielder knows well.

“The plan is that he comes. We have to see his situation at Barcelona, but he is a player that I am very interested in,” Pellegrini admitted in a recent interview.

“I was the one who gave him his debut with River Plate.

“Mascherano is a leader and I think he would be very good for my team in the Chinese Super League.”

That certainly seems true. Despite Carlos Tevez providing reasons for Chinese football to be hesitant of offering an Argentinian a lucrative contract, Mascherano appears cut from very different cloth.

Written prior to Hebei China Fortune made Mascherano’s move official but if you want to read the rest of the article explaining what this means for El Jefecito’s Argentina future, click here to visit the CricketSoccer website

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