Argentina’s World Cup options: The case for the defence

Jorge Sampaoli does not just have tough decisions to make up front, but has a plethora of options at the back including a key performer that moved to China

After an extensive tour of Europe and watching various Superliga fixtures, Jorge Sampaoli is presumably finalizing his plans ahead of the World Cup. The friendlies next month will be a huge indicator of who is in and who is out, and after previously addressing the goalkeeping situation, these are Argentina’s defensive options…

The unmovable object

It may have been unthinkable a year or so ago but Nicolas Otamendi is the one player who will be in Sampaoli’s side without question. Once regarded as a rash, lumbering, error-prone defender, the 30-year-old has established himself as the cornerstone of Manchester City and Argentina’s defence.

Since being hung out to dry by Diego Maradona in South Africa in 2010, when Germany capatalised on the youngster being out of position, Otamendi has rebuilt his international career  and after being overlooked by Alejandro Sabella in 2014, Russia will be a chance to put things right.

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