Superliga Round 25: Controversial rain postponements & fierce competition for cup qualification


Conspiracy theories are not hard to come by in the Argentinean Superliga, but especially so when one late raincheck went in Boca’s direction 

This weekend could have been the one that Boca Juniors wrapped up the Superliga but Godoy Cruz’s victory on Friday promised to drag it out for at least another week and early on Sunday morning, a contentious postponement meant that the lead at the top remains at just three points.

The amount of rain that fell on Buenos Aires and the wider area was certainly enough to put pay to the weekend’s football but referee Facundo Tello announcing 30 minutes before kick-off that the pitch in La Plata was good, only to retract that 15 minutes later, drew suspicion.

Boca’s unhealthy influence at the AFA and the club’s obvious want for the game to be postponed ahead of their critical Copa Libertadores match in midweek has led to some alleging that Tello’s change of heart came from above (and not the big rainclouds).

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