Shambolic CONMEBOL under fire after suspension scandals


When is a win, not a win? When it is in South America with its prime competitions being delegitimised due to database disorganisation

Some sort of scandal, misdemeanour or embarrassing blunder never seem far away where South American football associations are concerned and this week the continent’s governing body CONMEBOL is trying to save face after a series of administrative errors in cup competitions.

At the heart of FIFA-gate since president Juan Ángel Napout was arrested in 2015, controversy still looms over CONMEBOL but while many view this latest episode through a conspiratorial lens it would be perhaps fairer to simply label the organisation as completely incompetent. 

The fresh gaffe relates to player suspensions in two continental competitions – its marquee event, the Copa Libertadores and its Europa League equivalent the Copa Sudamericana. Something as simple as stating which players are eligible to play has proved too complicated and led to a week of controversy that could still get worse.

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