Diego Maradona leads Dorados to brink of title & blasts CONMEBOL over Copa Libertadores final (VIDEO)

Almost everything that Diego Maradona does or says makes headlines and Friday was no different for the Argentine icon. His Dorados de Sinaloa side earned a 1-0 win in the first leg of their Liga de Ascenso playoff final, Diego was sent off and then he proceeded to give CONMEBOL and River Plate a piece of his mind over the Copa Libertadores debacle.

The meteoric rise of Dorados from Ascenso strugglers to potential Apertura champions has been sensational and the somewhat controversial appointment of Diego Maradona as manager has undoubtedly been the catalyst.

A narrow 1-0 win over Atlético San Luis leaves Dorados needing only a draw from Sunday’s second leg to be crowned champions and seal a place in Mexico’s top flight.

Never one to shy from the spotlight, the 58-year-old caused quite a stir after being sent off during the second half and after berating his opposite number and the fourth official, Maradona made a slow exit along the touchline, orchestrating his adoring public with his arms aloft.

Securing a valuable first leg victory would usually be enough for celebrations but Maradona’s tone changed when asked about the Copa Libertadores heading to Madrid following the crowd trouble that saw the second leg suspended.

“I want to tell [CONMEBOL president Alejandro] Domínguez, what the fuck do me and my family have to do to see this final in Madrid?” Maradona fired when speaking to Radio La Red.

“What does he think, that we are all [Mauricio] Macri? Do they know how much it costs?!

“Sons of bitches, add the security and do it in Vélez Sarsfield’s stadium. They are the scourge of football. Not qualified for the job, it’s crazy.”

However, CONMEBOL weren’t the only target for Maradona’s ire as the Boca legend argues River Plate are guilty of double standards.

“I am fuming! I say to the River lads and [Marcelo] Gallardo that this is not a situation you want to go through. When they next go to Boca, how are they going to enter the stadium?

“River cannot talk anymore about the pepper spray in 2015. Boca shut their mouths at that time and they ended up champions, so they shouldn’t go on about it.”

And finally, after taking another swipe at CONMEBOL president Alejandro Domínguez, Maradona threw in AFA president Claudio Tapia for good measure.

“Don’t tell me now that Dominguez is going to preach to us and that [AFA president Claudio] Tapia, who has got more chins than [fat, dead actor] Gordo Porcel, is going to start talking about football.”


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