Primera “B” Nacional Announces Plans for the 2019/2020 Season

B Nacional

While the Superliga kicked off last weekend, plans for the Primera “B” Nacional were finally officially announced on Thursday. The AFA previously stated that the league would start the second weekend of August, but during the presentation of the new season, no official dates were shared.

What we do know is that the Primera Nacional will be made up of 32 teams split into two zones of 16. There will be two teams promoted into the Superliga and two sides relegated. The winners of each zone will face off against each other – the champion receiving promotion into the Superliga. The loser of the final will join the teams that finish in second, third, and fourth in each zone and will play a tournament for the second promotion spot. The bottom team of each division will be relegated. The promedios have been removed for the Primera Nacional and all other competitions below the Superliga.

Each team will play every other team in their respective zones home and away for a total of 30 matches. On Thursday afternoon the AFA held a draw to determine which clubs would make up the two divisions. The draw went as follows:

Zona A:

Belgrano, Platense, San Martín de San Juan, Mitre, Nueva Chicago, Atlanta, Estudiantes de Buenos Aires, Ferró Carril Oeste, Barracas Central, Deportivo Morón, Temperley, Agropecuario, Estudiantes Rio IV, Alvarado, Guillermo Brown, Independiente de Mendoza

Zona B:

Tigre, Instituto, Villa Dálmine, San Martín de Tucumán, All Boys, Defensores de Belgrano, Almagro, Quilmes, Deportivo Riestra, Chacaritas Juniors, Brown de Adrogué, Sarmiento, Atlético de Rafaela, Santamarina, Gimnasia de Jujuy, Gimnasia de Mendoza


While the dates and times of the matches are still unknown, the first weekend’s fixtures will be:

Zona A:

Mitre vs Estudiantes Bs As

Belgrano vs San Martín (SJ)

Alvarado vs Agropecuario

Gmo. Brown vs. Barracas Central

Nueva Chicago vs Deportivo Morón

Estudiantes Rio IV vs Temperley

Ferro Carril vs Platense

Atlanta vs Independiente (Mza)

Zona B:

Gimnasia (Mza) vs Defensores de Belgrano

Tigre v Quilmes

Brown de Adrogué vs Atlético de Rafaela

Chacaritas Juniors vs All Boys

Deportivo Riestra v Gimnasia (J)

Sarmiento vs Santamarina

Villa Dálmine vs Instituto

Almagro vs San Martin (T)

Click here for a complete list of all matches.


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