Goodbye Superliga, Hello LPF


The Superliga is gone. Chau Superliga de Futbol Argentino. What was supposed to be Argentina’s big idea that would bring their football to a world stage only lasted three seasons and is now no more. The league has once again been rebranded. And what a rebranding job the AFA has done, just exceptional.

I have no idea exactly how these conversations went down between everyone at the AFA, but just for fun, let’s try and imagine what those meetings may have been like. I now present to you, a COMPLETELY FAKE transcript from a recent AFA meeting. To protect the identities of everyone involved, names have been redacted:

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Person A: Order Order. We are calling to order this meeting of the AFA. Today’s topic, the Superliga, what is it good for, absolutely nothing. Let’s get rid of it. We tried, it failed, let’s move on.

Person B: Don’t you think we should give it maybe another year or two?

Person A: No.

Person C: I agree. This was a dumb idea to start. I mean, 30 clubs. And then going down by two each year, that was a horrible idea. We need to start over. Let’s do something totally new.

Person A: Absolutely. It is time for something fresh something new. So today, we would like to announce the new name of the first division of Argentine football. Are you ready for this, here it goes….

The Professional Football League (Liga Profesional de Futbol)

What do you guys all think?

Person D: Wow. Brilliant. Great idea.

Person B: Doesn’t it seem a little plain or simple? We were the Superliga, this seems a hell of a lot less super. Like, kinda boring. If we are gonna do boring, why don’t we just go back to being called “The First Division” (La Primera Division).

Person A: We tried that. Remember. For like 100 years that was the name. This name is so much better. So much cooler. The Professional Football League. People are gonna go nuts for this idea.

Person C: Oh yeah they are. This is brilliant.

Person A: Stop being such a sock sucker Person C. Ok, so now that that’s settled. How about I reveal our logo. Get ready for this. Here it comes…


Person B: It looks like the AFA logo.

Person A: Exactly. The AFA logo, but cooler. The kids are gonna love this.

Person C: This logo is already printing us money. Looks great.

Person B: But don’t you guys think that people in Argentina are gonna watch football regardless of the name of the league or the logo? Don’t you think we have other problems that should be addressed instead? Like the number of teams in the league is still too many to have a proper season. Or we still have problems with violence, and we can’t have visiting fans at most matches. Or maybe we need to have more games on for free so more people can watch our league. Or what about the fact that we just created a women’s league, but we have basically decided to completely ignore it since it started? Or maybe we just need to spend our time trying to figure out how to deal with this pandemic and get back to playing football, period. Doesn’t it make more sense to address those issues first?

Person A: Please leave this room immediately. Get the hell out. LEAVE NOW!!!

Person C: Thanks for making him leave. He was being such a downer.

Person D: Yeah. But he did bring up a couple of good points. Should we talk about some of those?

Person A: Look. I haven’t had time to think about any of those things. How many teams we will have, how we will resolve the issues with the Barras Bravas, how we will develop our women’s league, and whatever else that annoying guy talked about. None of that matters right now, we will get that figured out eventually. But in the meantime, take a look at this awesome video I made:

So, maybe the meeting went something like that. Maybe it didn’t (it probably didn’t). All we know if that the Superliga has rebranded and is now the Liga Professional de Futbol. And that is literally all we know for sure. Other things have been speculated, but nothing has been announced officially. So well, same league, new name.

Let’s all now poor one out for the Superliga. It was fun while it lasted. And please now, everyone, raise your glasses as we toast the arrival of this new Liga Profesional de Futbol. Can’t wait to see it, that is, if we can figure the pandemic out and get back to playing football.

Just to clarify, this is not just a rebranding of the league for the sake of rebranding. The Superliga was a stand alone league not run by the AFA. This new league will once again be headed up by the AFA. There is some, not much, but some reason they are doing all of this.