The greatest goal celebration

aldo poy

In light of the trouble that caused the Rosario clásico to be cancelled yesterday I thought I would add this story of the greatest goal celebration by the fans of Rosario Central. It illustrates the fanaticism of Argentinian football fans so if you have time, watch the video!

On December 19th 1971 Rosario Central played against bitter rivals Newell’s Old Boys in the semi-finals of the Nacional Championship. Central won the game thanks to a diving header from Aldo Poy and now this goal has legendary status with the fans.

Every year on December 19th the fans recreate the goal in various locations with Aldo Poy travelling with them to ceremoniously head the ball into the goal. This meeting has taken place in a number of places and in 1997 when reenacting the goal in Cuba the role of Poy was played by Ernesto Guevara, son of famous Argentine Che, who was a fan of Rosario Central.

Sounds crazy? It probably is but watch the video if nothing else for the great Fly Aldo Fly song

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