Sabella cuts Argentina’s Squad of 30 to 26 before final 23


Sabella has cut (from left) Franco Di Santo, Fabián Rinaudo, Lisandro López and (not pictured) Gabriel Mercado

Alejandro Sabella has announced the four players who have dropped out of the initial 30-man squad that was named and there are no surprises. In fact, as it is the four names that raised most eyebrows when the 30 was named one does wonder what the point in naming the squad in this way is. Franco Di Santo, Gabriel Mercado, Lisandro López and Fabián Rinaudo have been cut prior to the final announcement on June 2nd.

While this really is not a surprise and would probably be the four names that most followers of Argentina would pick it really does beg the question of why bother picking 30 in the first place?

Given that even if you are not named in the 30 and then one of the group was injured Sabella could still call on anyone else.

These four players are in the preliminary squad for less than a week, before all the players have even arrived in Argentina and are then dropped but could still get called back in the event of an injury.

Roll on June 2nd when we can just get the 23 and know who will be in Brazil.


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