Segura announces further developments on 30-team Primera División


Luís Segura and the AFA Executive Committee still haven’t worked out exactly how Julío Grondona’s 30-team Primera will work but last night some further details were announced ahead of it all beginning in 2015. After much discussion, it has been agreed that there will be another ‘Torneo Transición’ with the 30 teams split into two zones of 15 which will take us through until June 2015 and therefore remain in parallel with the European football calendar.

During the press conference, Segura also confirmed that two of the strongest opponents to this scheme, River Plate and Boca Juniors Presidents, Rodolfo D’Onofrio and Daniel Angelici have been promoted to AFA vice-presidents. A considerable power move for Argentina’s two biggest clubs given that they have both been very vocal in their opposition of the 30-team Primera, since Grondona’s death.

Segura told the press in Ezeiza, “Unanimously they decided on a tournament of six monthsin two zones of 15 teams. Then we will play a long season to match the Europeans.” Before adding, “The idea is, through gradual reductions, to arrive at a category with 20 or  22 teams.

Decision always seem to be unanimous in the AFA after we heard the same thing from Julio Grondona when this plan was first announced. Unfortunately it is now too late to go back on this and Argentine football now needs to find the way to reverse the proposal as smoothly as possible.

Despite this development there remain several loose ends still to be decided. Importantly, the promotions and relegations from and to the Nacional B. The averages in the relegation system will still be used but the scheme to eventually get this number back down to 22 or 20 sides is unknown.

Understandably, the sides who will be playing in the Nacional B next season are not too pleased given that another Torneo Transición in the Primera will mean that they are effectively playing for nothing. They will also run a six month championship but with no goal of reaching the Primera and so in an effort to combat this there is a possibility that the winners of the Nacional B will be granted a Copa Sudamericana place.

It is a fitting tribute to Julio Grondona that even from beyond the grave he has managed to cause confusion and difficulties to Argentine football.


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