Still wide open after a fiery but goalless Superclásico in La Bombonera (VIDEO)


It was far from a classic but as expected the Superclásico Copa Sudamericana Semi Final was a boisterous affair both in the stands and on the pitch. La Bombonera was lit up before kick off in a spectacular display of fireworks and flares and although the match produced little action in front of either goal, there were enough heated exchanges between the players to keep spectators interested.

If chances had amounted to half the amount of fouls then Thuesday night’s first leg might have been a real spectable. However, instead it was a match that never really got going as a string of niggling infringements and theatrics prevented any flow.


Not surprisingly with the amount of yellow cards racking up, there were a few flash points between the players but sadly this created more of the talking points than any actual football.

The tie hangs now in the balance but both sides did not seem too unhappy with the result. River now must focus on Sunday’s clash with Racing at the top of the league before the second leg. Boca can take some confidence from the fact that since the ban on away fans there have been four Superclásicos: two draw and two away wins. River will need to claim the first home win if they are to reach the Copa Sudamericana final.

Boca Juniors  0 – 0  River Plate

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