Temperley return to the Primera after 27 years (VIDEO)


Club Atlético Temperley celebrated a dramatic return to the Primera División after an absence of 27 years and remarkably it comes only 6 months after they were promoted to the Nacional B. The 3-1 victory over All Boys in the Estadio Alfredo Beranger ensured that Temperley would be in the newly expanded 30-team Primera in 2015.

The side of Ricardo Rezza is in absolute dreamland after confirming that they will be following Zona B champions, Unión into the Primera.

It is the third time that Temperley have celebrated promotion to the top flight but given what the club has been through since the last relegation at the end of the 1986-87 season. Following the defeat to Platense in the playoff that year, Temperley fell to the Nacional B and two years later they were relegated again to the third tier.

In 1991, the club was declared bankrupt and in fact de-affiliated from the AFA and it wasn’t until 1993 that they were allowed back to play in the Primera C, the fourth tier of Argentine football.

It has been a long road back to the top flight but it was only in June of this year that Temperley won promotion to the Nacional B with a penalty victory over Platense.

It is remarkable that (in part thanks to the AFA’s new Primera idea) Temperley will be facing the likes of River and Boca in the Primera.

Temperley  3 – 1  All Boys

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