AFA accused of election tampering and bribery


It is more than a year on since the farcical 38-38 draw in the AFA elections but the controversy has been reopened by a video that appears to show the moment a vote was cast twice and one of the candidates, Marcelo Tinelli stating that money was offered to vote for his opponent Luis Segura.

The AFA hardly had a reputable reputation prior to the election but the inexplicable tie produced from the 75 members made the organisation even more of a laughing stock.

The latest revelations cast doubt on the claim that the result was down to nothing more than incompetence.

Carlos Coloma, who was vice-president of Quilmes at the time of the election, accused Rodrigo Escribano, vice-president of Talleres, of adding an extra vote in favour of Tinelli and therefore causing the 38-38 draw.

“The video clearly shows that the vice-president of Talleres de Córdoba made a double vote and didn’t declare it. This is clear on television and it show that the result was 38-37 (in favour of Segura),” Coloma told Quilmes FM Sur.

Tinelli however has taken to Twitter to say that “Coloma did not see anything because he was by my side. Rodrigo Escribano is a good person.

“Don’t lie anymore. It is clearly heard that [Miguel] Silva tells Segura that double votes are coming and that they offered money to those who voted for Segura.”

Luis Segura has in turn reaffirmed that “the 38-38 was a mistake, not a fraud.”

There is unlikely to be any conclusion to this but a new election is scheduled for March 16th if the FIFA normalisation committee are in agreement.


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