AFA decide upon light punishment


Following the recent episodes of violence and the resulting talk of banning away support the AFA have announced pretty soft punishments and in fact not really done anything with regards the wider problem of internal power struggles within the hooligan organisations. Visiting supporters will continue to be present and the AFA will only take action if a team is guilty of some act of violence inside the stadium. If this occurs then the team involved will play their next home game behind closed doors. Julio Grondona, himself, was said to be disturbed by the levels of violence witnessed so far this season but said that the AFA only has a responsibility to control what goes on inside the stadiums. The Security Secretary, Sergio Berni has since announced that from the 7th round of fixtures onwards they will schedule the games so that no more than one game per day will take place in Capital in an effort to stop clashes en route to various parts of the city.
However, these measures do nothing to counteract the dangerous internal battles that are currently being waged within many of the top flight clubs. Last night shots were fired at Estudiantes headquarters when rival barras fought over the distribution of tickets and even Sunday’s ugly incident involvong Colon barras attacking a bus would not fall under this remit as it occurred away from the ground. Currently 8 clubs from the Primera Division are fighting internally: Boca, River, San Lorenzo, Velez, Tigre, Estudiantes, Lanus and Quilmes. All of them fighting for business, tickets, merchandise and parking and being supported by the clubs but there are no measure in place to attempt and combat this major problem.

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