La Rioja player killed in the latest episode of football violence


Franco Nieto, captain of lower division side, Tiro Federal has been killed following a vicious beating after his sides match against local rivals, Chacarita Juniors in the Aimogasta regional division.

The match was halted with 15 minutes remaining due to a fight between the two sets of players with Tiro Federal winning 3-1. However, the tragic incident occured outside the  Estadio San Francisco when Nieto was leaving.

As Nieto was going to his car with his wife and one-month old daughter he was surrounded by a group of supporters from rival club, Chacarita. His cousin, Pablo Nieto told reporters: “People came to insult him. They kicked him and punched him. He tried to defend himself but he was struck violently in the head.”

This blow to the head was reportedly with a rock and although the player was rushed to nearby Vera Barros Hospital in La Rioja city and operated on, he was announced dead yesterday.

Two men have been arrested for the attack according to Police Precinct Chief ,Nicolás Salguero but this is another terrible episode in the increasing amount of incidents in Argentine football.

It is the fifteenth football violence related death in 2014 and according to NGO Salvemos el Futbol this number has tripled since 2013.

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